Automatic Cutlist, CAD diagrams and BoQ
Design any room in 3D in minutes. All your artefacts are auto-generated and are always up-to-date with your design.
Detailed 2D Drawings with no extra effort
Never redo your design in CAD. When you are done with the 3D design in Boxs, all 2D CAD diagrams viz; plans, sections and elevations are ready too, with measurements and details.
Powerful cabinet modelling
Need a shelf? Just say 'Add Shelf'. Need a drawer? Just say 'Add Drawer'.
In short, Boxs speaks the designer's language. Save your percious time for what matters the most - The Design.
Factory-ready Cut-List
Completely customizable cabinet styles tailor made for Indian home interiors. Works great even for semi-modular kitchens, lofts, etc. Change any configuration right from panel thickness to edge-band details.
No more boring BoQs
Typing all the design details again in Excel is not fun. Boxs converts your design into detailed BoQ items that can be shared with the clients right away along with the design.